ReesArt.Com Poetry by Elizabeth Marraffino
Richard Rees
Liz's poetry has been published widely in little magazines and anthologies, including The Nation and The Dream Book: An Anthology of Italian-American Women Writers. A full length book of her poetry, Blue Moon for Ruby Tuesday, has been published by Contact II publications.  

Recent Poems

Poem On a Line by Wolf Kahn
"New England woods are easier, but they lack the mystical overtones of a Florida swamp."

Because it is the bones that hold the flesh of light
Even in the terrible green of summer
Or the glorious gold of autumn or soft of spring

Copyright 2004 Elizabeth Marraffino

After Life for the Columbia Seven

I don't know what your heaven is
Or how you believe you will continue
Or imagine you will continue
Or hope you will continue
If it is a place full of everyone you have loved
Or if it is just love
That deep throbbing heartbeat of time
creating itself in first widening then narrowing spirals
If it is a birth
into a place
into a new form
into such joy there is no form large enough to hold you
But the part of you that is dust to dust
is now the dust of stars

Copyright 2004 Elizabeth Marraffino

After Silence

Let the sad out. Let the sad fly out like bits of feathers
shed as I soar into the sky
flying with heavy wings, stiff with unuse
doubtful if they can carry me
who have lost what was light and airy and young
but who has found
sky, sun, and the place behind
the beginning of things
what I thought was dark is bright
and plays peek-a-boo with me as if I am two
teasing me, leading me on, to where I begin to walk again
on two sturdy feet.

Copyright 2004 Elizabeth Marraffino